Smoke forecast map

AirNow is experiencing high traffic due to California wildfires. Maps may be slow to load. The map includes data for air quality monitors in the U. Find U. Embassies and Consulates data here.

smoke forecast map

All readings are preliminary, unvalidated, and subject to change. See more information about the AQI. Each hour, the highest NowCast AQI among these 3 pollutants is displayed for each monitor and each contour. The search box will accept address, zip code, state, place name, monitor name or monitor ID. Data usually updates during the second half of the hour, and updated contour data will lag behind monitor data. Refresh your screen periodically to see the most recent data. Contoured areas are approximate.

Read about the interpolation method used to create the contour maps. Each dot on this map represents a city or reporting area that issues a forecast. Read more about the air quality forecast. Click on a dot to see forecast info for separate pollutants if available.

Use the pause button to stop at any hour. Use the arrows to move through hours one at a time. Use the Archive Date picker to choose a date. Cycle through years under the calendar. Cycle through months above the calendar. Archives show the AQI for that date. For particle pollution, this is the average of 24 hourly values.

For ozone, this is the maximum 8-hour ozone average in 24 hours. Some archives go back further than others. You will see a message if the pollutant for the date you chose is not available. Due to a change in methodology, some contours are not cropped along the U. The data feed for the archives provides the monitor ID, but monitor name and city name are not available.

Smoke from California wildfires reaches Europe and East Coast (Boston) 09/15/2020 5:45PM

Interactive Map of Air Quality. PM PM2.Wildfires in WA and most of OR are out and there is no risk of returning to the terrible conditions we endured last month. Fall meteorology is active enough to keep air moving along and prevent a buildup of pollutants. As explained there the temperature inversion is still keeping the smoke at bay.

We've hardly seen air quality deteriorating beyond Moderate anywhere in the state, or further upwind in Oregon for that matter. There is fog in the Puget Sound lowlands and this will recur each morning through Sunday. Fog should not be confused with smoke. Here's an illustration of what's what as seen from above, but only an air quality monitor can distinguish between the two at ground level. Things will stay that way and start to "improve" by Saturday night as a slight wind shift s-l-o-w-l-y disconnects us from the CA smoke late in the weekend.

Models are persisting with the inversion in western WA so any residual smoke aloft wont mix down all that much. But inversions also lock in our own local emissions at the surface. Overall, we can expect:. Might take a moment to load. If you're using a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of this page and click "View web version" to see this. There has been some speculation that another bout of Californian smoke will overrun western WA again this week.

Thankfully, it now seems like those concerns are a bit overblown. They have their own opinions, some with more merit than others. Discussing with the National Weather Service offices and air quality agencies, we feel that the HRRR smoke model injected too much smoke into the air and is trying to offload a generous portion of that in our backyard.

We're not buying it. Most other models are i working with less smoke and ii keeping a lot of it aloft. This is consistent with satellite imagery, ground based air quality monitoring data and the vertical temperature structure of several models. Here's what different models think the mixing heights in Olympia will be for the next 72 hours.

Black line is the mean of them all. Most of the smoke will be km above us, so we won't be tapping into the overhead smoke reservoir all that much. This is a good example of a temperature inversion working in our favor by not allowing smoke aloft to mix down.

But inversions also trap pollutants released at the surface within a shallow layer, so we still have to deal with our own gunk in addition to whatever little smoke mixes down. Probably, but there needs to be a good aurora.

smoke forecast map

We returned home disappointed at 2AM this morning and tonight's geomagnetic activity is expected to be no different than yesterday. If a faint glow does appear low on the northern horizon, the smoke will filter some of it out.

smoke forecast map

Going to higher terrain won't help much.The first two maps are for air quality, from AirNow. The first was current at 10 a. PDT October 3. The second is the forecast for Sunday, October 4. The one after that is the forecast for 1 a. PDT Oct.

It is interesting that the air quality maps above do not detect or predict a serious air quality issue in Colorado around the Mullen Fire.

Typos, let us know HERE. And, please keep in mind our commenting ground rules before you post a comment. After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. I am not sure what it is but the Zog fire is playing on my mind and I am unable to locate a source of information on it. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Air Quality at 10 a. Air Quality Forecast for October 4, Smoke Forecast for 1 a.

Share this Author: Bill Gabbert After working full time in wildland fire for 33 years, he continues to learn, and strives to be a Student of Fire. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Next Next post: Breathing smoke.Delta will continue to bring heavy rainfall and thunderstorms from the Central Appalachians to southern New Jersey.

Farther west, an active pattern will bring heavy precipitation to the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies. Smoke forecast across Utah and Colorado Tuesday and Wednesday. Smoke will be carried east from numerous wildfires burning across Colorado and Utah today.

Conditions in Grand Junction will improve today in comparison to yesterday as smoke from the Trail Mountain fire moves north of I Areas in the Uinta Basin may be impacted by smoke from this fire on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. Meanwhile, the cycle of dense smoke in the morning in Durango will continue, with afternoon winds breaking up the smoke and carrying it eastward.

Please Contact Us. Please try another search. Multiple locations were found. Please select one of the following:. Location Help. Customize Your Weather. Privacy Policy. Smoke forecast across Utah and Colorado Weather. Current Hazards. Local Radar. Rivers and Lakes. Climate and Past Weather.

Smoke forecast across Utah and Colorado Tuesday and Wednesday Smoke will be carried east from numerous wildfires burning across Colorado and Utah today.

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Modeled smoke forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday. Follow us on Twitter. Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on YouTube. Disclaimer Information Quality Help Glossary.Log in Join. Thank you for reporting this station.

We will review the data in question.

Oregon Smoke Information

You are about to report this weather station for bad data. Please select the information that is incorrect. See more.

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Confirmed cases: Deceased: Elev ft, Station Offline. Send Report. See more Reset Map. Current Station. Personal Weather Station. Location : SpokaneWA Elevation : ft. Nearby Weather Stations. Mostly Cloudy. Radar Satellite. WunderMap Nexrad. Low 48F. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. Rainfall near a quarter of an inch. Higher wind gusts possible. High 59F. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph. Low 44F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Top Video Stories. See more Top Video Stories.

Actual Time. Civil Twilight.

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Nautical Twilight. Astronomical Twilight. Length of Visible Light. Length of Day. Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 22 seconds shorter. Oct Nov 8.Wildfire in your area? AirNow and the U. Forest Service have launched a pilot project to show data from low-cost sensors on the Fire and Smoke Map. The goal of the project is to provide additional air quality information during wildfires — especially in areas with no AirNow monitors.

See the map. Welcome to the updated AirNow website. Current Air Quality. Values above are beyond the AQI scale. The AirNow system automatically generates this list every hour, based on the areas with the highest NowCast AQI for ozone or particle pollution. Because air quality can change during the day, the areas on this list may change throughout the day, too.

Back to top. X No Data Available There are no current and forecast air quality data found near your location. Please visit the for a list of cities with data. Please search for a U. Search Search Bar. No Location Selected. Embassies and Consulates Canada Mexico.

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Location Search. National Maps. Today's Air Quality Forecast.

Smoke and air quality forecasts and maps, October 3-4, 2020

More Interactive Maps Back to top. Fires Current Fire Conditions. Embassies and Consulates Embassies and Consulates.The map above shows current fires and air quality at monitors around the state.

The numbers you see when clicking on an icon are PM 2. Round icons represent permanent air quality monitors, triangular icons represent temporary monitors when deployed. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality expanded and extended an air quality advisory Thursday due to smoke from wildfires in California and Oregon.

DEQ extended the advisory through noon Saturday. Smoke is coming from the Lionshead Fire and wildfires in California. Smoke is coming from wildfires in California. Smoke is primarily coming from wildfires in California. Smoke will most likely be thickest at night and in the mornings, with some afternoon clearing.

Communities near active wildfires may see localized effects on air quality. Air quality in the Willamette Valley is expected to be in the good or moderate range during the time of this air quality advisory. DEQ and partner agencies will continue to monitor smoke levels in these areas and air quality across the state. Smoke levels can change rapidly depending on weather. Smoke can irritate the eyes and lungs and worsen some medical conditions. Young children, adults over 65, pregnant women and people with heart disease, asthma or other respiratory conditions are most at risk.

Keep windows and doors closed. These can be portable filters or can be installed in indoor heating, ventilation, cooling and air purification systems. N95 respirators that are tested to ensure proper fit and that are worn correctly may provide protection.

Otherwise, they might just provide a false sense of security. Yellow is moderate. Orange is unhealthy for sensitive groups such as children, seniors, pregnant women and those with respiratory conditions.

Red is unhealthy for everyone. Purple is very unhealthy for everyone.